Beauty as a tool for change

Flowers represent divine beauty, perfectly imperfect and universally valued. Upon receiving a flower, you are transported to an elevated mood. The colors and scent grab your attention like nothing else. There is a reason we give each other flowers at special occasions. It reminds us that divine beauty is real and attainable, and all around.

We use the flowers as gift giving to amplify a state of love and connectedness. Humanity has proved to itself that fear and hate can shock and control us… now is the time for the power of Love. Flowers are a reminder of what is naturally available and a right of every human.. to be delighted into a loving action by a reminder of divine beauty in nature.


At the Love Parade NYC, we will walk west on 14th Street opening people’s hearts through play, joy, color, and gifting out flowers. Flowers represent the type of the love we are spreading: The beauty of nature + divine humanitarian compassion.

Open the heart and the mind will follow.